With the line of solid wood tables Lucendi we wanted to create the magic of having a unique product designed with heart and mind.

I imagined my tables simple, linear but impressive, thanks to the combinations of colors and clean lines, which convey power and importance of a material that will never fade over time, having an object in solid wood is synonymous with value, especially for the table, a piece of furniture always very important that acts as a showcase to your environment.

They are all handcrafted products, with attention to detail, thanks to the help of trusted and capable people. Craftsmanship is synonymous with uniqueness.

The table is the product that most comes to the eye in an environment; it must be important, with its personality, its scents, its line. The wood essences used to create the tables are designed exactly for those tables with the aim of making them unique.

Some models have a central part that can be replaced so that you can dress your table differently when you want. I thought of this in order to give the customer the possibility to make it “his” every time.

Solid wood is a noble, prestigious, luxurious, strange and fascinating material. I could say inimitable, thanks to the designs of its vanities, always different depending on the wood essence.